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BecomingX was set up with one purpose. To create a world where everyone can realise their potential.

BecomingX have set out to change that. By combining deep understanding of high performance with the stories and insights from the world’s most inspiring and iconic people, BecomingX aim to help people understand what it takes to succeed, to raise their aspirations and to build the skills and confidence to realise their potential. Worried that our educational systems are not adequately preparing young people for the future. Most of all, we are worried that most people do not realise what they are really capable of achieving.

Our client, Kenny Imafidon has achieved this. Like Michelle Obama’s Becoming… Like Barack Obama’s Audacity to Hope… Like Oprah’s humble beginnings… Kenny has, against all odds, remained hopeful, remained humble and kept working towards achieving his goals. And along the way he has changed his own life and the lives of many around him.

Kenny Imafidon became an award-winning student and entrepreneur after going to jail for a murder he did not commit.

Watch his story below;