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There’s a lot of competition within the world of social media, picking your niche within the industry is the most important thing to do to ensure that you are successful and that you are setting yourself out of the crowd. Social media isn’t just taking images, editing them to make someone look skinnier to fit the image that society believes that we should look like, then posting the image, it’s about being honest, open and ultimately being YOU.

Remember that your social media platforms are your voice, they’re representing you as a brand. Your profiles sell you as a person, you can post and speak about what you want to speak about, and something that you are passionate about. It’s time to break the mould! It’s time for you to post what you want to post, without caring about what everyone else will think of you, let’s remove the stigma around what we post on social media is our best selves, post what makes you happy, what sets you out from the crowd and give topics the voice that they deserve.

It’s time to show off your talent, a talent that you’re either still learning or a talent that you’ve had for years! Don’t limit yourself to mirror selfies or following trends, it’s your time to break that mould and make yourself stand out to others.

There are so many ways to present information to your audience, Images, music and video edits that you’ve completed yourself.  Editing videos seem like a scary and stressful subject, a subject that should be ‘left to the professionals’ but in reality. It’s not. It’s a talent that anyone and everyone can do. A talent that people self-teach themselves to learn. You don’t need the best laptop to edit. But, if you invest in the software, you’re already miles ahead of others, the free software’s will do an alright job, but alright is just standard, you want to set yourself out from the crowd, have that WOW factor that everyone is looking for, making yourself and your talent is known, giving it the voice that it deserves.

Video editing can be your superpower, it is something that can’t always be taught, but can be something that you can learn. There’s only so much that college courses, YouTube tutorials and advice can get you. With video editing, there are no right or wrong answers, just trial and error. Your style, your video, it’s time to own what you create. There’s no point in editing something that you don’t enjoy, your passion won’t be in it, and it will show with the final product.

Don’t panic when you have nothing on your timeline on the edit. Everyone and everything has to start somewhere. Your favourite movie, tv-show, or even YouTuber all start their edits with a black timeline, the editors can feel like there’s so much pressure to immediately start with the edit, but in reality, there is no pressure on how you begin. The way that I would begin is to look at the rushes, go through the rushes that you have, remove any with bloopers, then add the clips into your timeline. Put those selected rushes in order on the timeline and cut them where you need to. Take your time with this, the more that you do this, the easier it becomes. It’s not a scary process, take your time, take inspiration from others and learn YOUR style!


Be bold, Be proud, and be YOU! Be a leader, not a follower! Be that person who you needed when you needed an influencer in your life.