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“PR” is a term we often hear thrown around. What exactly IS “public relations”?


Public relations is the practice of deliberately managing the release and spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public in order to affect the public perception.” 


What information?

The information released tends to revolve around who YOU are, what your offering is and your BRAND in general, whether you are an individual or a company. Public relations spreads the narrative around your purpose and your impact in the world. While this will differ significantly on a case-by-case basis, the information used could range from the products you offer, what you have been up to, any material you have produced, future plans, or new collaborations. We use this information to develop your story.


What do you mean by ‘managing the release and spread of information’?

Well, storytelling has a natural flow and order to it. We organise and release information so that it maximises the impact of the overall narrative. Different information is more or less appropriate at different times, so we ensure that the correct information is released at the appropriate time. Often, this involves responding to trending and newsworthy topics; these are great opportunities to have your voice heard in engaging conversations. Sometimes unseen circumstances occur where an immediate response is required; PR handles these crises by providing relevant, timely and appropriate responses to minimise negative impacts on your overall brand.


How does PR spread this information?

PR uses a variety of channels to aid the spread of information. Nowadays, social media is inextricably linked to Public Relations because of its role in sharing your story and connecting to your audience. PR goes a step further by reaching out those who are not already within your audience through traditional media channels, like TV, magazines and newspapers. The way in which information is released to different media channels will impact the credibility and authority of your brand or story.


What is public perception?

Public perception is all about the general opinion or belief that people hold around you, your brand and your story. Do they view you in a positive light and as an authority in an area? The beliefs that people have will have a direct impact on whether they buy into your offering or not. So public relations is all about ensuring that, through sharing information, the public comes to trust and believe in your brand and your story.


Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, public relations and its role in sharing your story and building positive public perception is key to your success!


Do you agree?