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‘I am Intersectionality’ the e-book by Dr. Diahanne Rhiney BCAe is her first book launched on Amazon.

Dr. Diahanne Rhiney looks through the lens of intersectionality using her lived experiences and insightful observations into the workplace, established institutions, education, media, politics, and society in general. At a time when intersectionality is ever more critically challenged in modern society, her focus is to magnify and expose those responsible for not upholding and protecting the right to equality for all.

A September 2020 poll, one of the largest of its kind carried out by Clearview Research Ltd,  an audience insight and strategy agency specialising in gathering culturally-informed insights on diverse audiences to inform business and marketing strategies, and to support social impact evaluation,  raised some startling findings utilising market knowledge and audience insight. It revealed that:

  • Black people in the UK do not believe their human rights are equally protected compared to white people.
  • Black women are less likely to believe their human rights are protected.
  • Black women are more likely to feel like their health is not equally protected by the NHS.
  • 78% women are more likely than men (47%) to not believe that their health is equally protected by the NHS compared to white people.
  • Black women are less likely to believe they will be treated the same as white people by the police.

As custodians of knowledge and empowerment, she believes we all have a duty to commit to being intersectionality-minded citizens to protect future generations in shaping their identity and behaviour. It will not change …..unless we change it.


Dr Diahanne Rhiney BCAe is an award-winning Ambassador for Change. Her work in facilitating and delivering change specifically with people of colour through thought leadership, workshops, and mentoring programmes has resulted in global recognition. Diahanne lives and works in Surrey, England. When she is not writing, she enjoys travelling, socialising with friends and family, and learning to play the saxophone. She believes: “Life is our greatest adventure that should be embraced lovingly, wildly and to its fullest”.

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